Monday, February 6, 2012

Five more minutes. Just five!

In recent times sleep has become a luxury I dont always get to enjoy. I'd say I always sneak a minute or two during a busy day to catch a snooze but that is an opportunity that rarely avails itself. Basic outlook of my day in ten easy to learn steps.

1. Argjhyguuyyiooouyth. The Morning stretch.

This is part one. It actually is the long long long process that is waking up- and here I mean actually getting out of bed. I choose not to include the different stages that are involved. The numerous 'Hit snooze' reflexes, the the different sleeping  positions that ultimately lead to getting out of bed, the absurdly relieving stretch, the  blind groping for a towel and walking to the bathroom without daring to open my eyes. The HEAVENLY morning pee that is venued either at the shower or loo, depending on how lazy a morning it is and so on.

2. That 'Like a Boss' moment when...

Fast forward an hour later and I'm all fresh and pleasantly  and late for work. Fashionably late I call it. The actual boss rarely comes in before 10 am so I stroll in like, as earlier described, a boss. I'm of the opinion that being a goody-two-shoes is boring. Bad boys are no good and good boys are no fun they say. Not saying I'm badass or nothin' but I actually think I bring some flare into that room. The one with all the razmataz. Whats that? Yes. My ego is kinda hard to miss.

3. Caffine. Oh so sweet caffine.

Its 10. I'm hungry. What?! I'm young. I have an excuse to feed. I need to grow my bones and some sh*t. So I make myself scarce and go for my 'cuppa joe'. I am convinced that coffee is the solution to ANY problem. Operative word: ANY. The aroma just gives hope and expectation to what would otherwise be a caliginous day. Dont get me started on the taste. Bliss. I want to talk to my coffee. Hold my coffee. Feel it on my tongue. Feel the warmth slither down my throat and lose itself within me. It then hits me that I need to go back to the office. Same time tommorrow, oh so sweet caffine?! Its a date.

4. B*tch mode.

The Big Kahuna has probably made his way to the office by now. My work officially begins. All the clients that had been waiting want to see him now. And I have to deal with the implusive pressure of searching for files, making copies of documents, drafting contracts, certifying copies of original documents dealing to semi-literate clients who insist on conversing in the local dialect, of which I am not an avid fan of...running up and down the building getting documents from here to there. Running errands of both formal and informal orientation. Kinda makes you wanna go 'Argjhyguuyyiooouyth'.

5. Lunch!! Food!

Now us guys dont have lunch breaks. Ours is a departure from the traditional 1-2 lunch break time. It comes with working for a Kikuyu I guess. You gotta love 'em.(Enter Bri'ish accent) I just saw a feature on telly (exit) where this Kikuyu guy possibly from the caves of Mt. Kenya made this song about Thika Rd. The bloody road isn't even complete and we already have jams about it. What happens when the Chinese seal the deal,  pack and head home?! Heaven knows. Therefore boys and girls,  we go in turns or better yet send one on us(read me) for a soda (with an American accent) or some other hunger relieving substance. What I have for lunch?! You kinda get tired of eating potatoes everyday unless ofcourse, you are me. I need my carbs to gain dome weight. Apparently I am the only one that hasn't read the 'All You Need To Know Catalogue On Weight Gain' So far, no considerable changes...yet. Note the emphasis made on the word yet. Any suggestions as to how I can add weight are 'cordially invited.' Burp!!!


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