Monday, August 20, 2012

Law school.

Disclaimer: If you're related to me by blood, don't read this.
Truth be told, there's something about doing a law degree that makes you feel special. Sure, a LLB isn't really what it used to be. With each up and coming institution of higher learning offering a law related course, but still...
So much so that I always feel like I hold a superior edge over my cousins who... don't do law. I come from a very competitive family, my dad's side that is. Its more of a latent feud but it definately is there. I'd want to believe that its not my family thats solely affected though. We all have those relatives who even though they don't say it, attempt to oust each other in terms of superiority. Who has the best model of car,the newest car, best clothes, designer shoes, coolest phone and the most recent platform of competition, who's kid is doing what in terms of school or work.  But that's family. Competition facilites our relationships. I digress.
So in my family, us guys have all sorts of professionals. Accountants, doctors, computer scientists, fashion designers, economists, teachers (and lecturers who seem to be the majority) business persons... but as you guessed, no lawyers. Infact, someone once said that we could start a hospital seeing that we had an effective workforce already; well with the obvious question of who would address the 'company's' legal issues. I would be lying if I said that my decision to have law as my undergrad wasn't partly influenced by this fact. Being the sole legal professional in a family like mine definately has its benefits. Yes I have a not so distant uncle who's a lawyer... but that is regardless of the point.
So, the biggest challenge that comes with a law degree is the good memory requirement. A lawyer should have everything (well almost everything) he learnt at school on his finger tips. Clients are likely to ask you questions based on very remote topics of law (and trust, law is wiiiide).
I have the worst memory ever. A goldfish has nothing on me as far as poor memory goes. Once heard of a woman who forgot her kid at Walmart. She didn't realize it up until two hours after she got home. That's me. I actually relate to her.
Another thing, lawyers are readers. There's a reason where they choose to cqll themselves 'learned friends' (other than a sarcastic and contemptuous remark of course). Think about it. The stereotype of a lawyer's office: never ending rows of shelves stacked with almost simillar looking books. They actually read those books. Most of the time, the simillar looking books are on previously decided cases that affect judgements issued by courts to date. You have to read those cases to somewhat study the personality of the court and the limits of its discretion. Sh¡t is serious. No joke. I can't count the number of sleepless nights I've had reading those big ass books borrowed from the library. It could probably be because I've never lacked sleep coz of school. I digress.
And boy are are those books expensive. Case in point. All England Law Reports. Vol 1-4 USD 19,457.80. This coming from a sufferer's viewpoint, is God Damn Expensive!
Thus every law student will at some point in undertaking their undergrad, question their ability to continue with school and proceed to ask numerous rhetoric questions as to why they are in law school. At this point, majority drop out. Us guys started off with three classes with approximately 200 students; fast forward two and a half years later and we only have a single class with less than 60 peoples, and its just third year. When you sit down and think about it, its actually scary, with some of us narrowly escaping axe. That is why when you think about it, most law schools are separate from the main Campus in many universities. *mind blown.
Somewhere in the middle of this post, I forgot what my main point for writing was.
Ummm... bye.

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