Saturday, December 15, 2012

Elections 2013. Think about it.

Oh don't I just love politics. Actually, we all do; we just chose to brand it differently. Politics and gossip are two aspects that are more similar than they are different. You may not realize it but it is truth. I don't recall ever publishing or even writing a politically inspired post. But with the elections next year, why not?!
I first realized my passion for politics when I found myself listening to the 9 o'clock news particularly in expectation of the political feature. Citizen Tv, as most of you know, has this feature dubbed 'The Kibaki Succession'. It aims at assessing the country's political situation making regard to the chances (if any) of the potential successors of the now retiring president. President Kibaki has had a pretty good tenure, with more achievement than failures obviously. Most notably being the free primary and secondary school education schemes which Kenyans think they are 'entitled' to, so much so that I doubt we hardly ever take time and think how life was before the entire establishment. There's also the infamous Thika Road which I have a problem with. Why?! I think it was a misguided priority. Yes the road opened up the interior, that much I do not refute, but if anyone has been to the coast, you understand what I mean. The deplorable state of infrastacture is disheartening. Think about it like this, close to everything you own is imported. Just look around. Your Tv, radio, car, well over 90% of your wardrobe, pretty much everything. Ask then, how those items got to where they are right now. They passed through the port of Mombasa and was driven through that pathetic 'thing' they call a road up to where they stand. So yeah. I think Thika Road was less important of a priority.
Back to the show. It hosts a wide array of political analysts and their subjective views. It is captivating listening to people liken politicians to chicken and estranged wives. Quite hilarious actually. It actually a recommended watch.
Which brings me to the real subject of this post. Elections 2013. It will be my first time voting as it will be for a large number of people. Basically anyone's that below 22. I am sure that is no small number. Consequently, I want to be able to make my vote count. I was having a conversation with someone the other day where they pointed out how its impossible for me not to make reference to a tweet I came across mid conversation, so as you guessed it, I will do the same thing here as well. Because its MY blog. :-) So while making my aimless strolls on the TL, I came across this one, 'If you vote Ruto, Raila or Uhuru as your President, we can't be friends.' In as much as it may have been meant as a joke, it actually makes sense.
Lets make an analysis.
Ruto has since droped out of the race for the top job and endorsed Uhuru as Presidential Candidate under the Jubilee Coalition. (Jubilee because Kenya will be celebrating to 50 years of independent sovereignity next year. Sneaky these politicians). Kalonzo linked up with Rao to form the Cord Alliance with him as running mate. So basically its Rao vs Uhuru. The major backing that these two have, comes from their tribes. Other than that, they wouldn't be too famous with the electorate.
My problem with Uhuru's camp is their pending cases at the International Criminal Court. The rules of fair judicial procedure demand that one is innocent until proven guilty in a court of competent jurisdiction beyond reasonable doubt. So technically, he is innocent. But international crimes are no small thing. Trust me. Any one that has gone to a competent law school will tell you the same. When a person commits a crime if international nature such as piracy, genocide or crimes aganist humanity as the Hague 4 have been acvused of, jurisdiction subsequently moves from the domestic or national platform to the international plane. So the suspects are technically subjects of international law, just like states. Lets think of it like this, imagine yourself as an employer, because tecnically, thats what you are as a voter, would you employ a person who is 'accused' of criminal offences into your business?! No matter whether or not they are guilty, the charges leveled aganist them reflect negatively on their credibility and integrity and by association, yours as well. So, no. No #TeamUhuru for me.
Mother however is of a totally different opinion. She will vote for Uhuru because he defended his people during the post election violence. An act in self defence she says. He took up the responsibility of a leader and sought to defend and protect the lives and of his fellow tribesmen when noone else was willing to undertake such. Very convincing if you ask me, but is that all we should look for in the next President? Its a matter of opinion really.
Rao. My problem with Rao is pretty simple. He's old. He speaks reform and change yet he's been in government for the last 10 years. Second in command after the president in the last five. If he wanted to implement 'change' and 'uongozi', he should have done so then. We cant keep complaining of the old crop if leaders yet we elect them in. A significant portion of the Prime Minister's Constitution is the largest slum in East and Central Africa. I believe that I speak for the majority when I say that not enough has been done to elevate the status of Kibera.
My choice candidate, Peter Kenneth. My reasons are simple. He resonates an aspect of hope and change. His charachter avers his relation and passion for the youth of the country from his campaign slogan, 'Tunawesmake' which is a slang derivative from 'We can make it' to his demenour which has had him been equated to the Kenyan Obama (Which is ironic since Obama himself actually is, Kenyan).
I doubt my single vote will do much to influence the overall outcome of this election. But if you need any more convincing, read this. It convinced me. I hope it does you. Be wise. Vote smart.

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