Saturday, March 10, 2012

Bobbing Head

To begin to talk about music would be an impossible feat. Owing probably to the fact that music is too broad and deep a topic to even think of covering. A good song draws origin from true inspiration. It is the ability of an artist to reproduce the raw nature of that inspiration into an potential song. I once had the not so grand opportunity of sitting in a music production class at some dark point in my life; and the experience was...well lets just say it was better than nothing. Under a certain topic , we discussed (basically the lecturer talked and I just tweeted) the various components of sound. Five they were in number; pitch, tone...and the rest as I previously mentioned were tweeted. To the average audience (read you and me) all this is inappropriate. All we need to do is listen to a particular jam and judge whether for ourselves if its a good or not so great tune. Hit or miss if you will. The beauty that is human, is that we are all different. It is these differences that make us all similar ( I have absolutely no idea what that means but it sounded right in my head). Take a very good example of music. If we all had the same taste in music, there probably would be only one genre of music. It probably would be classic music some other one of the more decrepit genres. Let me put it into context...all radio stations would play the same kind of music...we'd probably still be listening to Mozart and Beethoven or worse still, the smashing and breaking of things: a form of expression that early man considered to be literally 'music to his ears'. Worse still, you couldn't go aganist the orthodox systems of old. How could you? You would stand the risk of being laballed insane. Or then you just could succesfully pull off a Rosa Parks and refuse to own your seat (opinion) and stick to (by) it. Away from hypothetical scenarios. As previously indicated herein, it is the ability of an artist to replicate inspiration into rhythm that makes or destroys a song. If well pulled off, an audience is able to relate to the song (sometimes) as it is...real. From Hip hop to Rock and roll and even jazz, it is impossible not to notice the attachment an artist has to a particular song especially in its output.
Emotions run high as some musicians may even cry or destroy instruments in vile rage. This emotion is then transfered to the listener. It is therefore for this reason that we set a favorite song on repeat till the monotony demands change. I was Listening to this song earlier today Woza by Jaziel Brothers its a Zulu (I think) song. I can hear only two sentences in that song. The rest is basically giberish to me. Regardless, I played that song over and over and over again. I still am. It really does not matter whether you understand the language a song is sung in. Yes lyrics do play a crucial role in a song. This however should not serve as as an impedement to the type or genre of song we listen to. Music can does serve as therapy in otherwise emotional circumstances. The irrevocable picture we (I) have of that young Bri'ish teenager that listens to loud metal music on his (her) headphones when he (she) is stressed says it all. Reference should be made to the chic in the Closer to the Edge - 30 Seconds to Mars video who says 'Some people believe in God.....I believe in music...... You know.... when some people pray.....I turn up the radio...' So play that song 100 times over until the neighbours come knocking with an alternative Music cd for you to listen to. Let song be your nurse.


  1. Beethoven has the greatests classicals ever, dont hate!